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The Caro y Cuervo Institute (Instituto Caro y Cuervo)

The Caro y Cuervo Institute (ICC), founded in 1942, is a higher education institution and research center, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture. Its research focuses on Hispanic American literature and linguistics (including indigenous languages, Colombian sign language, and Romani language).

Since 2010, the Caro y Cuervo Institute has been leading the processes of teaching and learning Spanish as a foreign language in Colombia: teacher training, research, and creation of didactic materials.

Spanish courses integrate language and culture through the most recent methodologies for teaching foreign languages.

Classes address language from a cultural perspective and employ didactic resources created in Colombia and interactive teaching strategies, utilizing information and communication technologies (ICT) and learning and knowledge technologies (LKT). The purpose is to develop communicative skills of comprehension, production, interaction, and mediation according to the students' needs.

Spanish in Colombia